Mission & Strategy


Our Vision

To explore, appraise and develop natural resources in regions where there is strong logistical infrastructure and opportunity to deliver growth.

The principal activity of Britannia Mining is to evaluate and secure commodities, with a view to supplying raw and processed materials to the manufacturing industries.

Our mission is to:

  • Extract and supply products that meet market demand
  • Explore, discover and define high-grade bulk tonnage resources
  • Define high-grade JORC compliant minerals
  • Develop near term revenues

The company is primarily focused on iron ore.  To date, much of the company’s exploration efforts have been at Nthale in Malawi.  The project is situated 3km from a rail connection to Nacala deepwater port, Mozambique.

We recently expanded operations into Malaysia and have secured significant iron ore product for our supply chain.


Key Facts

Focussed on iron ore, coal and gold.
Developing insights into Nthale iron ore project.
Targeting near term income generating assets.