Britannia attend Malawi Trade & Investment Forum

Britannia Mining attended UK-Malawi Trade and Investment Forum (20 March 2013) on special invitation from The Government of the Republic of Malawi, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Developing Markets Associates.  Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda, President of the Republic of Malawi, led a high level delegation of senior Ministers and officials to London.

High ranking and prominent members of the business community – including Britannia Mining already engaged in Malawi, met in the City of London to network and hear many of Malawi’s most significant stakeholders in both the public and private sectors, echo the message of President Dr Joyce Banda in her address to a packed audience that Malawi is “open for business”.

President Banda told the 300-strong audience that Malawi presents great investment opportunity because firstly, as a former British colony, business and government culture is modelled on British tradition.

“English is the country’s official language.  The legal system is based on English Common Law and Malawi’s educational system mirrors that of the United Kingdom.  Malawi is democratic and peaceful country with a history of political stability since its independence”, she said.

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  • 20 Mar, 2013
  • RichardH

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