Britannia Merger Integrates Operations Across Three Continents – Establishing End-to-End Commodities Turn Key Solution

Establishes Communications for New Public Entity and announces launch of new website (www.BritanniaMining.com)

Britannia Mining, Inc. (www.BritanniaMining.com) (BMIN or the Company), the successor of a merger between UK based mining development company Britannia Mining Plc and U.S. based Micron Enviro Systems (Former Symbol: MSVS), announced today that the Company has completed its integration and consolidation of business across three continents – clearing the way for the new US entity to begin full development operations.

“Now that we have wholly integrated our predecessor and streamlined operations, we are ready to move forward; developing iron ore projects as well as the gold exploration legacy projects,” stated Kenneth Roberts, CEO of Britannia Mining. “Our communications with the public markets and our shareholders shall resume today. Going forward, we have a great deal of information to discuss; potential new revenue opportunities in Spain and Malaysia, intentions for the Yukon gold claims, significant funding options and geological insights that could support current iron ore prospects to be potentially classified as ‘World Class Assets’ [100 Million tons or more].”

As of May 31st, 2013, the Company officially completed the combined process of the reverse merger and reverse split. Management determined at that time, due to the usual market lull experienced during the 3rd QT, along with the time needed to complete the integration of three international companies, communication with the public would resume in the 4th Qt. Nonetheless, even through the summer months, the Company’s market value reflected as much as 400% gains since the reverse split – with no retraction below the original split price of $0.03.

With the summer months past and operations across three continents having now been consolidated and fully integrated, management’s expectations for Britannia Mining are high. Already improving its reporting status from ‘Pink Sheet Limited’ to ‘Current Filer’, there should be little time wasted before significant benchmarks are met and the Company seeks to become ‘Fully Reporting’.

Mr. Roberts concluded, “Britannia Mining is positioning to become an ‘End to End’ commodities turn key solution. With a diversified structured portfolio, substantial capital pipelines and very strong regulatory support, we believe Britannia Mining will be one of the most noted mineral exploration companies to emerge from the micro-cap markets in 2014.”


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  • 24 Oct, 2013
  • Sindy Foster

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