Britannia Mining Announces Two Key Hires for Its Diamond Division

Britannia Mining, Inc. announced today, the arrival of two seasoned executives, that will enhance the Company’s strategy for trading rough diamonds. Dr. John Madiro has been named Senior Advisor to Britannia’s  Diamonds and Gemstones division. He is joined by Mr. Patrick Onyido.
Dr. Madiro is a Kimberley Process and Dodd Frank 1502 compliant Solid-State physicist, with structural interests in Diamond Lattice Dynamics and fractal crystallography. He commands a strong dominion in rough & post polished pricing, as well as an exhaustive knowledge of the diamond’s 5C’s. For the past fifteen years, John has combined his stellar technical knowledge, while working and residing long term in: Malaysia, Hong Kong China, Kingdom of Bahrain, Bermuda, UK and Havana Cuba. Dr. Madiro is a strategist who has cross continental, practical experience of operations on all aspects of the luxury market.
Britannia’s Diamonds and Gemstones division will be further enhanced with the addition of award winning marketing strategist and sales engineer, Patrick Onyido. For the past ten years, Patrick has harnessed technology and trend analysis techniques, to successfully predict demand and optimise performance, challenging the sales charts across a range of industries, from consumer electronics, to mobile and heavy construction industries.
“We are honored and excited to announce both Dr. Madiro and Mr. Patrick Onyido, as the newest additions to our team,” stated Kenneth Roberts, CEO of Britannia Mining Inc. “I am excited to have the opportunity to develop this area of our business, drawing on the wisdom, top notch experience and practical advice these well-seasoned professionals offer.
With the acumen of these two individuals, we feel ready to ramp up our trading strategy.  We look forward to working with these two experts and further expanding our Diamonds and Gemstones division.”
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  • 31 Mar, 2015
  • BritanniaMining

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