Britannia in Official Talks With U.S. Mining Company

Seeking Diversification and U.S. Positioning, Micron Enviro Systems Becomes Candidate for Britannia’s Growth Objectives.

Britannia Mining Plc, a UK based mining development company announced that yesterday, July 19th, management engaged U.S. mining company, Micron Enviro Systems (Symbol: MSVS), in discussions regarding a possible strategic alliance – looking to diversify product supply and leverage recent U.K. diplomacy efforts in Britannia’s iron ore mainstay, Malawi; echoed by U.S. political advances in the region.

President and CEO Kenneth Roberts said, “We intend to further gold trading activities and mining expertise to induce additional cash flows and encourage new investment interest.   Given our primary focus in Malawi, to responsibly pursue this objective meant to align with a small but pliable gold mining company, possessing the possibility of good growth potential.  We believe Micron might be a fit.”

Bradley Rudman, President of Micron Enviro Systems stated, “Aligning with a company like Britannia, could be key in building the type of shareholder value we’re committed to creating for Micron investors.  Britannia’s executive team brings a wealth of knowledge in mining and I am confident, will assist Micron in quickly developing its gold claims in the Yukon.”

The two companies are exploring all plausible strategic opportunities with one another.   People close to the situation believe there may be a merger in the works although neither management has offered any clear indication.  For Micron however, a M&A could achieve the type of success Britannia’s subsidiary company realised in 2008 when the company benefitted from sizable capital investment and significant expansion of its prospecting rights to over 630 sq km.

Roberts concluded, “We have the full backing of our investors to pursue this opportunity.   Positioned well, Micron could assist in significantly broadening our current investor base.  The expectant relationship may also allow a rapid ramp-up of our gold interest through its [MSVS] Yukon properties.  Given recent political developments in Malawi from both the U.K. and U.S., the possible success of this joint venture could be immeasurably valuable.”

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  • 20 Jul, 2012
  • Sindy Foster

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