Britannia Sees Company’s Growth To Come From Diversification and Consulting Services

Kenneth Roberts Attends 2014 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Conference

Britannia Mining, Inc. (OTC Pink: BMIN) (“Britannia” or the “Company”), announced today, that Britannia has successfully insulated itself from the volatile iron ore market, supplementing its primary intended revenue source by means of signing a consulting agreement with a Middle East oil and gas company, and developing its gold and other commodity interests.

“While the iron ore markets have been beset by a series of challenges, our business model is strategically positioned to ensure minimal carrying cost with the potential for consistent profitability,” stated Kenneth Roberts, CEO of Britannia Mining. “This meaning, we are not saddled with project debt or buried by investments into iron ore mine development and production. Nor are we obliged to store any ‘ready mined’ iron ore supply. Our primary ‘ready mined’ resources are contractual and our exposure in Malawi is minimal at this point; allowing us the ability to weather the storm.”

“Another factor that puts us in an excellent position to thrive is our potential ability to distribute other commodities such as gold and agricultural resources. We also have the opportunity to provide consultancy services to the oil and gas sector. The fact is, we are staring market adversity in the eye and feeling positive about our survival, growth, and our investment viability.”

The Company, which is poised to continue exploring what could potentially be deemed to be a World Class iron ore Asset 100M + tons, – is not solely an iron ore Company; rather a full service commodities firm. The Company maintains gold claims in the Yukon and is a facilitator developing and brokering other gold transactions. In addition, Britannia has access to suppliers of agricultural resources (Palm Kernal, Rubber, Industrial Hemp and other feedstocks). Most recently, the Company began providing consultancy services to a Middle East oil, gas and commodities company. Britannia is flexible, versatile and well positioned to prosper in the current market climate.

Mr. Roberts concluded, “As we continue to work within a challenging iron ore market, Britannia will continue forward with our suite of diversified commodity products and services, as a means to position for revenues, add value for shareholders, and support our corporate financing.

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  • 2 Dec, 2014
  • BritanniaMining
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