Britannia’s Buy/Sell Trading Potential Sparkles Amidst $11 Billion Precious Stones Market

Britannia Mining, Inc. announced today, that Britannia’s growing portfolio of ready-mined and tradable commodities has been bolstered by an increased demand for precious stones; in particular diamonds and emeralds – to which analysts have valued the ‘rough cut’ market alone at $11.2 Billion annually; growing rapidly. “Due to the seasonal boost in jewellery sales, we have noticed that rough diamond demand is picking up as manufacturer’s restock inventory. Furthermore, as a result of celebrity endorsements and the approaching holidays, we have received a number of product enquiries. The supplier relationships we have been cultivating for over a year have now enabled us to position one of the hottest tradable natural resources into our commodities’ trading division,” stated Kenneth Roberts, CEO of Britannia Mining. Diamonds and emeralds are among the rarest and most valuable luxury commodities in the world. Today, the United States remains the world’s largest consumer garnering roughly 50% of the market, followed by an insatiable and growing appetite from China, Russia and India. “We work with ‘Kimberley’ stones, keeping our business clear of ‘conflict diamonds’,” continued Roberts. “This has allowed us to create extensive relationships with a number of reputable suppliers, sourcing stones from miners in Africa, a continent known for having some of the most valuable and diverse diamond deposits in the world.” Currently Britannia’s management is working to fulfill orders from active buyers in Europe and is negotiating with renowned diamond suppliers and traders in Miami and New York. Roberts concluded, “What we like most about precious stones is the ease of transportation. Unlike bulk commodities that require extensive logistical co-ordination prior to shipment, precious stones cargo is much more straightforward. Therefore, it makes commercial sense to balance our seaborne bulk products with precious products that we can send from one continent to another within days.” Rapid delivery speeds up verification and payment processes that can enable Britannia to monetize successful transactions into revenues. EMERALDS

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  • 18 Dec, 2014
  • BritanniaMining
  • diamonds, emeralds,

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