Britannia’s Diamond Transaction sets pace for $1.2 Million

Britannia Mining, Inc. announced today, that it has has made its initial shipment of raw, uncut diamonds to a U.S.-based international inspection facility. This process was initiated to facilitate a buy/sell contract for precious stones – setting pace for an anticipated annual contract of circa $1.2 Million in profits from this single contract; multiple others are already lined up.

“Our portfolio of tradable commodities has realized a very strong demand for precious stones,” stated Kenneth Roberts, CEO of Britannia Mining. “This has initiated the recent activity of our buy/sell commodities’ trading division, to procure the commodity and facilitate the transaction for qualified buyers and sellers throughout the world. This batch of diamonds we’ve shipped to the North East region for inspection and purchase, solidifies just one of many such annual, multi-million dollar transactional contracts.”

Insiders say this first transaction could result in a projected annual turnover of up to $12 Million gross. As a commodity distributor, Britannia’s earnings are based on a percentage of each transaction.  Considering this is one of several multi-million dollar contracts available to Britannia’s commodities’ trading division, precious stone transactions are expected to add considerable value to the Company’s 2015 earnings.

Roberts concluded, “the money generated on this transaction, is just a prelude to what we further envision for 2015. We have established a great team; our combined experience enables us to deliver precious products from one continent to another, within a total transit time of one week. Our framework utilizes professional processes and quick delivery. This in turn leads to rapid deal execution, and ultimately, quicker revenues delivered to Britannia.”

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  • 22 Dec, 2014
  • BritanniaMining

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