Britannia’s Pipeline Of Natural Rough Diamonds Grows With Unabated Demand

Diamonds Delivered to US North East; Evidence of Britannia’s Precious Stones Buy/Sell Capabilities

Britannia Mining, Inc. announced today, that demand for its spot diamond offering has started 2015 off with a bang.

Beginning with an initial shipment of raw uncut diamonds to the U.S., Britannia set the pace for an anticipated $1.2 Million in profits from a single contract.   Management has indicated that the company is looking to grow the number of multi-million dollar precious gem contracts in the year ahead.  The Company has established a number of key relationships with participants actively involved in the precious gems industry. Ranging from mid-market players whose businesses are concerned with supplying the consumer market, there has also been significant discussion held with investment buyers, traders, and suppliers who have expressed interest to collaborate with the Company.

“We are confident that we will build on our initial offering and continue to facilitate a supply of diamonds to the market,” stated Kenneth Roberts, CEO of Britannia Mining.   “Moving on, with the next supply of Kimberly Certified stones anticipated this month [January 2015], we expect to see significant revenue and value generated from this segment of our business.”

Despite lingering concerns about the global economy, the diamond industry is continuing to be surprisingly resilient.  Natural diamonds are among the world’s most precious natural resources, and Britannia’s commodity trading division has no shortage of potential supply or buyers within its network.

According to the De Beers 2014 Market Insight Report, demand for diamonds will continue to grow in real value terms, driven by the effect of US economic recovery and the continued growth of emerging markets; especially China. In the medium term demand growth will outstrip production growth. In a buyer led market it is useful for mid-market participants to diversify and access additional supply of rough diamonds through trading hubs such as Britannia.

Roberts concluded, “Britannia Mining is living up to its corporate motto “Nothing Without Work!”.  We are steaming ahead into the New Year with our ‘ready mined’ commodities growth model.  Gem quality diamonds and South American emeralds could deliver millions of dollars in revenues to Britannia, although, we consider this to be a small part of where our trade revenues are anticipated to come from.”

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  • 15 Jan, 2015
  • BritanniaMining
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