Britannia’s “Ready Mined” Supply Chain Surges

Asia & Spain Unveil Opportunities for Britannia to Expand Development & Distribution of Ready Mined Resources through Metals & Agriculture

Britannia Mining, Inc. (OTC Pink: BMIN), announced today that the Company has courted relationships in both Asia & Spain to expand their development and distribution of ‘ready mined’ resources, ramping up Britannia’s metals division and lending cause to establish an agriculture division specific to resource distribution.

“Positioned as a supplier of natural resources, we have been approached by a number of producers to arrange the effective distribution of various ‘ready mined’ commodities,’ stated Nicola Newmarch, COO of Britannia Mining.  “These ready mined products are mainly comprised of iron ore stockpiles which can be distributed upon contractual acquisition.  The collective values of contracts currently under negotiation runs into tens of millions of dollars.”

Management indicates that its focus remains on iron ore related endeavors; explorative or through its rapidly growing development and distribution model.   However, in recent months, opportunities in Asia and Spain have not only offered Britannia near-term to immediate revenue sources in the Company’s traditional market [metals], but in some instances, also in agriculture.

Palm kernal, industrial hemp and other raw materials are finding their way into Britannia’s development and distribution network.  Ms. Newmarch pointed out however, “While there are many opportunities in agriculture, the primary intent of our development and distribution focus will not be easily diverted.   The harvested commodities currently being offered to us, which in many cases may come as add-ons to a metals distribution transaction, are seemingly in bountiful markets such as palm kernal, and full of near-term financial opportunities.”

During a recent assessment of a multi-million dollar minerals contract in Asia, management was also consulted on possibly managing the distribution of ‘ready mined’ raw materials and feedstocks.  Executives indicate that while natural resources like palm kernal, industrial hemp and rubber are beginning to emerge as real opportunities, Britannia will first conclude its pending transactions to distribute just over 1.1 million tons of ‘ready mined’ iron ore this 2014.

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  • 6 Mar, 2014
  • BritanniaMining

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