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Britannia Mining Inc. is a Nevada (USA) incorporated natural resources development company that transforms mineral projects and builds asset value through the mining value curve.   Britannia Mining Inc. is the successor of a merger of between Micron Enviro Systems and Britannia Mining.

Britannia Mining conducts growth adding exploration, evaluation and project development activities, such as defining resources and establishing joint venture and acquisition opportunities to drive revenues from commodities.

Our mission is to:

  • Build diversified asset portfolio with potential to deliver near and medium term revenues
  • Create opportunities for trading mined mineral products
  • Strengthen balance sheet and build shareholder value
  • Develop mineral resources statements
  • Capture undervalued acquisition opportunities

We are currently developing a portfolio of iron ore properties that have potential for us to deliver near term income generation.  Being positioned on existing export routes we expect to bring products to market during 2014.  Wider commodities include palm, rubber, industrial hemp products, coal and gold.

After acquiring a property and selecting a possible exploration area our team compile reports, past production records and geologic surveys concerning the area.  We then engage a field exploration program to determine whether the area merits work.  Initial field exploration consists of geologic mapping and geochemical and/or geophysical surveys, together with selected sampling to identify host environments that may contain specific mineral occurrences.

If an area shows promise, Britannia Mining will conduct drilling programs in an effort to locate the existence of economic mineralization.  If such mineralization is delineated, further work will be undertaken to estimate ore reserves, evaluate the feasibility for the development of a mining operation, obtain permits for commercial development and, if the project appears to be economically viable, proceed to place the deposit into commercial production.

Britannia Mining use a process which we call T.E.D.D. to simply explain our 4-step process.

The T.E.D.D. Process



Target: To identify and acquire undervalued sites with potential to hold significant quantities of high grade mineral resources.

Explore: To undertake initial geological survey work to establish the presence of mineable commodities and indicate their probable quality.

Define: Complex survey activities (drilling, assaying, etc) to accurately define the size, geographical extent and chemistry of the resource. Results and methods are ratified by a Competent Person to the globally recognised JORC standard.

Develop: Commercialisation of the defined mineral resource, usually through mining, processing and/or trade.



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