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General Notice

For information purposes only The SEC issued a general public alert regarding cold callers under its Notice ‘Unregistered Soliciting Entities’ https://www.sec

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Britannia Mining Featured In Europe and MiddleEast Outlook Magazine

Britannia Mining begins working with UK Company, Everledger, in an attempt to bring a secure and transparent solution to the precious commodity market’s burgeoning ris

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Britannia Mining Aligns With Blockchain Technology to Broaden Its Commodities Trading Business

Britannia Mining today announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Everledger Ltd (‘Everledger’). Everledger is a UK based company that is capturing the...

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Britannia Mining Announces Two Key Hires for Its Diamond Division

Britannia Mining, Inc. announced today, the arrival of two seasoned executives, that will enhance the Company’s strategy for trading rough diamonds. Dr. John Madir

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Britannia’s Pipeline Of Natural Rough Diamonds Grows With Unabated Demand

Diamonds Delivered to US North East; Evidence of Britannia’s Precious Stones Buy/Sell Capabilities Britannia Mining, Inc. announced today, that demand for its spot dia

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Britannia’s Malaysian Interest Rounds Out Company’s 2014 Diversified Revenue Model

Bauxite Producer to Leverage Britannia’s Commodity Trading Division to Fulfill U.S. Demand  Britannia Mining, Inc. announced today, that its Malaysian partnership has

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Britannia’s Diamond Transaction sets pace for $1.2 Million

Britannia Mining, Inc. announced today, that it has has made its initial shipment of raw, uncut diamonds to a U.S.-based international inspection facility. This...

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Britannia’s Buy/Sell Trading Potential Sparkles Amidst $11 Billion Precious Stones Market

Britannia Mining, Inc. announced today, that Britannia’s growing portfolio of ready-mined and tradable commodities has been bolstered by an increased demand for preciou

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Britannia Sees Company’s Growth To Come From Diversification and Consulting Services

Britannia Mining, Inc. (OTC Pink: BMIN) (“Britannia” or the “Company”), announced today, that Britannia has successfully insulated itself from the volatile iron o

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Britannia’s Alliance With South African Partner Heralds Buyers For Malaysian Stockpiles

Britannia Mining, Inc. (OTC Pink: BMIN) (“Britannia” or the “Company”), a UK based mining development Company, announced today, that Britannia has strategically a

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