Due to the local geology, Britannia’s strategy is to define and develop an iron ore resource of at least 100 million tons.  The milestones of our drilling program are to define resource potential, confirm minerals to depth, prove the geological concept, and define potential mineral extensions.  We plan to execute drilling in two phases:


Drilling Phase 1 – Nthale Hill

Initially, we plan to develop the potential of the iron ore occurrence at Nthale Hill down to a depth of 100 meters, and to target 20 million tons of iron ore from this site. We estimate 1000m of drilling.  Some further mapping and trenching will be conducted on the same target.


Drilling Phase 2 – Multiple Targets

The second phase will be to explore multiple additional drill targets to generate a further 80 million tons of iron ore.  Priority sites are the areas known as Nthale North and Mphate, where geomagnetic survey indicates the likely presence of ore bodies.  At the same time, we will seek additional drill targets through geophysical survey, mapping and trenching.  We have provisioned a drilling program of 8000m to show continuity on strike to 400m.  This is required to develop an Inferred Resource and we expect additional drilling and sampling to allow a JORC compliant resource to be declared.



There are a number of preparation activities that must be carried out before we commence Phase 1.  Firstly, citing hole collars, generating sections, determining expected intersections, and estimating iron ore tonnage at a depth of 100m.  Thereafter, our resources will be deployed to sourcing suitable drilling contractors that meet our strict corporate guidelines for appointing third party contractors.
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