Project Timeline at a Glance


Bastillion Resources visit site to prepare finalisation of detailed drilling plan


Scoping report including updated mineralization model received from Bastillion Resources

Britannia Mining appoints Bastillion Resources SA to conduct field reconnaissance

Britannia Mining sends Nthale Hill Iron Ore samples to SGS UK for assay


Britannia Mining signs MOU with rail operator Central East African Railways, Malawi

Exclusive Prospecting Licence (EPL) renewal


Geologists estimate 4.6 million tonnes at “Nthale Hill”

Britannia Mining completes Mapping and Geological Study over 20 sq. km

Britannia Mining completes pitting/trenching

Britannia Mining commences Geological Study over 20 sq. km


Britannia Mining acquires Exclusive Prospecting Licence (EPL) for additional 630 sq. km

Britannia Mining conduct Initial Geological Studies over Nthale

Britannia Mining acquires Land Rights for 99 years over Nthale

Britannia Mining acquires Exclusive Prospecting Licence (EPL) Over 20 sq. km

1960 Onwards

Indigenous People Mine Ore at Nthale


Geological Survey Department Malawi Estimate Tonnage over 1 sq. km

In the absence of trench or drill hole sections a preliminary estimate of available tonnage gave a figure of 7,000,000 tons to a depth of 100 feet.  This sample was taken from one of the hills at Nthale over an area of 1 sq. km.


Samples of Nthale Iron Ore are sent to Geological Surveys of Britain. Testwork conducted By Nyasaland Base Metals. The results of an analysis from a bulk sample sent to the Mineral Resources Division of Overseas Geological Surveys cited a grade of 68% Fe.


Trenching and Mining Activity by British Central Africa Company Ltd. From the trial mining it was observed that iron ore occurred as parallel bands which were steeply dipping to the west and they had variable phosphorus content.  Enough magnetite was extracted to make up a trial shipment of some 6, 500 tones through Beira.


Reconnaissance Survey Undertaken by M.S. Garson. Garson discovered iron ore at Nthale Hill during a reconnaissance survey undertaken in the year and he was of the opinion that the ore occurred in the apical core of a pitching anticline.


Nthale is found by British Central Africa Company.