Yukon Gold, Canada

The Britannia Mining gold exploration rights were acquired through the merger with Micron Enviro Systems. The company holds six separate claims located in the productive Whitehorse mining area of the Canadian Yukon. These claims cover almost 300 acres and are located close to the famous Kinross White Gold discovery.

The gold in this area is known as ‘Placer Gold’, which is a reference to the manner in which the deposits are created. The term ‘Placer’ derives from the Spanish word placer, meaning a shoal or sandbank. Placer Gold is found in sedimentary deposits that are formed when rocks containing gold veins (known as the ‘mother lode’) are eroded by a watercourse. The eroded particles are held in suspension and carried downstream by the flow until they are deposited some distance from the point of erosion. Being amongst the heaviest of the particles, the gold is often the first to be deposited. Whereas veins of gold are often diffuse and difficult to locate, this process helps to concentrate larger quantities of gold into relatively small areas, creating what are known as ‘pay streaks’.

It is the search for Placer Gold that has given us the well known prospector’s technique of panning for gold, but once a ‘pay streak’ has been located there are several more advanced methods that can be used to separate the gold quickly and efficiently.

Following significant finds in the surrounding area, Britannia Mining is now considering a program of aerial surveying and scoping studies across our claims.

Key Facts

Six separate claims
Total area of circa 300 acres
Located in productive Whitehorse mining region
Close to Kinross White Gold discovery