UK’s Britannia Mining awards contract for Malawi project EIA

The UK’s Britannia Mining has appointed Blue Mantle Partners, an international environmental and natural resources consulting and advisory company, to undertake an environmental-impact assessment (EIA) of its Nthale iron-ore project, in Malawi’s southern district of Blantyre.

Britannia Mining CEO Kenneth Roberts says this follows the successful completion of a preliminary feasibility study into the project, which confirmed the geophysical and magnetic signature at Nthale “is encouraging”.
“The EIA will explore opportunities to develop mitigation projects to offset the carbon emissions predicted for the lifetime of the mining operation and related commercial activities that may eventuate,” says Roberts.

Britannia Mining conducted a magnetic survey at the Nthale iron-ore deposit in preparation for an exploratory drilling programme.

“The magnetic survey – taken over an area of 650 km2 – maps the Nthale project area and shows significant orebodies beneath the surface and also above-ground outcrop mineralisation,” he says.

The Nthale iron-ore deposit is l22 km north of Blantyre city and rises 40 m above the Chileka plain. The deposit is located 7 km from the nearest railway station at Lirangwe and is well served by routes to international steel markets.

Britannia Mining has already signed a memorandum of understanding with Central & Eastern Railways, a firm that manages the rail network in Malawi.

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  • 5 Oct, 2012
  • RichardH

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