Britannia Mining Inc is a US company that is focused on the identification and commercialisation of high grade minerals, with projects in Asia, Africa and Canada. We aim for a diversified asset portfolio with potential to deliver near and medium term revenues, strengthening our resources and increasing shareholder value. We are currently developing a diversified portfolio of iron ore properties with near term income generating potential. All projects are served by excellent logistics.

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Britannia Mining Announces Two Key Hires for Its Diamond Division

Britannia Mining, Inc. announced today, the arrival of two seasoned executives, that will enhance the Company’s strategy for trading rough diamonds. Dr. John Madir

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Britannia Views African Trading Hub As Catalyst For Larger Diamond Trades

Britannia Mining, Inc. announced today, that Britannia has begun developing ‘next phase’ capacity planning, to meet demand from its customers. “Since sending our fi

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Nthale Project Resembles World Famous 1.8 Billion Ton Iron Ore Mine

Geology at Sweden’s Kiruna – A World Class Asset, Lends Bastillion Resources Basis for Comparison Britannia Mining, Inc. announced today that geological firm, Bastill

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Britannia Mining to Advance Cear Transportation & Cargo Services Agreement

Formalizing existing MOU Britannia set to further develop USD $80 Million logistics arrangement Britannia Mining, Inc. (BMIN or the Company), the successor of a...

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Britannia Mining is committed to implementing low-carbon mining operations and minimising our environmental impact



Britannia Mining is run by a dedicated team with a strong track record in mining, mineral exploration and commodities.