Nthale Iron Ore, Malawi

In 2009 Britannia Mining was granted Exclusive Prospecting Licenses to conduct mineral exploration activities over a total area of 650km2 at Nthale, near Blantyre in Malawi. It is our intention to develop 100 million tons of ore at Nthale, sufficient to constitute a World Class Resource. Within the exploration plan, the company has corporate milestones to deliver a CPR (competent person’s report).




From magnetic imaging studies that have been completed over an initial area of 20km2, the company has located a number of ore bodies at Nthale Hill, Nthale North and Mphate.  Our geologists have already estimated 4.6 million tons of surface ore in one small area “Nthale Hill”.  Grab samples taken from the hill show an iron component of 68% Fe, indicating a high quality mineral rich ore.  The company is focused on fast-track drilling to extract core samples at this site.  We aim to produce a mineralization model showing an estimation of the sub-surface ore body.  Verification will be independently approved by a competent person (the “Resources statement”).

An important part of our development plan is metallurgical analysis to determine the chemical composition of the core samples and determine if any processing methods are required to beneficiate Nthale iron ore to end buyers’ product specifications.

Location and Access

Nthale Hill lies 22 kilometres north of Blantyre City.  It is approximately 3 kilometres from the nearest point on the railway line that runs to Nacala Indian Ocean deepwater port.  Malawi can offer competitive advantage as a possible new entrant to the seaborne  iron ore market, given its proximity to the Middle East, India and China.




Key Facts

Grab samples show high grade iron ore with 68% iron content.
History of artisanal mining at site since 1960.
Just 3km from existing railway link to Nacala deep water port on the Indian Ocean.
Competitive geographical location for shipping to MENA, India and China.
Located in the politically stable, multi-party democracy of Malawi.

Additional Information

Project Development Plan

Project Timeline